Thursday, October 21, 2010


this place is ancient. i made a new blog if anyone is interested:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poem from the Black Lagoon

I am currently reading "My Sister from the Black Lagoon" by Laurie Fox. The book, along with my current mood, inspired me to write some poetry. Here it goes.

For you, Not I
I am the monster from the black lagoon.
I lurk in murky water,
my entire body submerged to my eyes,
from which I study your every move
and I breathe through slimy gills,
slowly so no one discovers me.
But you do,
so i sink deep into the sediment resting readily
at the bottom of the black lagoon.

I am a doll at the bottom of the toy chest.
Body hard and plastic,
skin smooth and shiny,
eyes large and blank,
smile immaculate and inviting.
I am whoever you want me to be,
for you decide my variant destinys.
I wear the itchy clothes you last dressed me in,
I want desperately to take them off,
but my arms don't bend that way.
So I wait for you,
limbs distorted under the pressure
of all the other dolls crowding your toy chest.

I am illuminated.
I am the morning light pouring over the world like honey
the obscure shades and shadows of twilight,
the vivid blaze of sunset,
the gentle glow of the moon, kissing your cheeks goodnight,
and I am no stranger to darkness.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

It's nice to be back after such a long absence. A lot of things have changed since my last post, including myself. I lost some things, I gained some things. I've danced, cried, loved, accomplished, avoided, smiled, wished, created, destroyed, ended, began, desired, questioned, pretended, grew, realized, and ultimately decided - that I should stop wallowing, and start living.

*On a holiday when one should feel so full, it is ironic that I find myself so empty.
But no matter what state I'm in, I will always be thankful. For...
God: You're at the tip top of my list because you're amazing.
Creativity: My heart is not worn on my sleeve, but rather the on the pages of hidden journals and smudged sketchbooks. I control the world that I create for myself in chickenscratch and doodles. I don't have to worry about impressing or disappointing anyone. There are no standards or benchmarks. Just me and my craft box.
Family: We're going crazy, but at least we're going together. (Some of us are farther along than others)
The Boyfriend: /best friend/therapist/ entertainer/ musician/ magician/ security.
Fiction: My diversion from reality- an essential and entertaining transmutation. (<--vocab word! Mr Murdock should be proud.)
Reality TV: My guilty pleasure. I like being let into other people's lives via my flat screen. But no trashy, brain-cell melting dating shows.
Dance: It defines me. ):
Education: It gets you places.
Perspective: Without it, the world would be a very boring place.
Urban Outfitters: You have beautiful merchandise. I want to steal everything inside of you.

Anyway, despite my vegetarianism (def. not veganism today), Thanksgiving succeeded in stuffing me to my maximum capacity. I feasted on some kind of broccoli and (cream?) cheese casserole, buttery corn souffle, chou petit fleurs (brussel sprouts), barely mashed garlic potatoes, and classic candied yams. For desert I made bittersweet chocolate dried fruit and nut bark :) I made sure to sample a little bit of everything on the desert table though. What can I say? I have a demanding sweet tooth. I have yet to try "tofurky". I'll save that venture for next year.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today I took my handy dandy underwater camera babysitting with me- an innocent attempt at fighting boredom that I have come to regret. Me and my buddies were having an underwater photo sesh and I guess my camera got over the pool because it stopped working. My camera is broken :( :( :(
I made an amazing pasta dinner that I can't post pictures of until i get it fixed- which will hopefully be tomorrow. 
To the mass list of my followers: Expect a long post once my camera stops hating on me. 

au revior.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Yummies

*This morning my bf Jordan came and woke me up. It was a sweet little suprise, although he's full of those. He's managed to put up with me for fifteen months, which I think is quite an accomplishment. And in those fifteen months, not only did he teach me how to love others, but he taught me how to love myself- which is an even greater accomplishment. Anyyyyway, in honor of our anniversary today, I made him (nonvegan) m&m pancakes for breakfast.  <3

15 month pancakes:

*Since these weren't vegan, I made myself a magic museli concoction. I scooped a spoonful of peanut butter and  a spoonful of strawberry preserves over my homemade museli, mixed it all together, and stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes. I'm a weirdo and I like my cereal cold. After a little chill time I splashed some vanilla almond milk in the bowl and savored the magic.

PB&J Magic Museli Mix:

*For lunch I threw together a salad. I used baby greens, halved cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, canned diced tomatoes and artichoke hearts. The juices from the last three ingredients served as my dressing.  I think I'm good on tomatoes for a while. 

Tomatoe Lovers Salad:

*Din-din last night; Brown rice mixed with diced tomatoes, corn, steamed broccoli and portobello mushrooms.
Mixed Veggie Dinner:

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Blogger Is Born

*Well hello everyone. This is my first post ever. After months of exploring the blog world, my increasing fascination led be start my own. So here goes nothing...

Mr. Golden Sun has made a comeback after a looong gloomy fall/winter/spring and the end of his absence marks the beginning of the greatly anticipated summer. I've currently been keeping myself busy with French lessons, babysitting, summer homework, and dance class. This is gunna be a busy summer, but this is what I want to accomplish:

Summer 2009 Goals
1. Camping at Malaikahana
2. Make lots of vegan yummies
3. Go to paint it pottery so I have something cute to eat my vegan yummies off of
4. Go on lots of hikes -Stairway to heaven!
5. Go to a first friday in Chinatown
6. Sandbar Adventure
7. Sign up for Bikram hot yoga
8. Complete never-ending heap of AP summer homework
9. Be better at French
10. Jazz Dance World Congress in Chicago
11. Be really crafty
12. Make healthy choices

<<<After making a brief appearance at Lanikai beach, I came home feeling rather crafty. So me and my BFF Tiff did some arts and crafts.  This is what my imagination came up with, I call it Acid Trip<<<

Expect some of my adventures in vegan cooking, an abundance of pictures, and lists of random subjects in my upcoming posts. 

Despite my lazyness, I better get suited up for dance class now. 

Au Revior blog world!